About Us

Pertoria was founded in 1989. The first two stores purchased were in Perrysburg and Fostoria, Ohio; hence, how the company name was formed - "Per" from Perrysburg and "toria" from Fostoria. Shortly after, the Wooster and Main Street stores in Bowling Green were acquired.

The franchise has since grown into a chain of seven restaurants, with its newest location on Crossroads Parkway in Rossford. Our passion is not only food but people, and it is our belief that Superior Customer Service is the utmost important feature that our restaurants have to offer.

Satisfied Customers

"Our Family goes to Wendy's a lot. Always friendly, great service, good food, a lot of choices for picky eaters like in our family. Very clean. Great choices for mix and match. Kids love it!!!"
Brenda R.

"It has great food and we had no problem with it. I got all my food, everyone was friendly, and the place was clean and my kids love it! It is close to where I live and again they serve very good food."
Linda M.